Due to a family bereavement this site will not be updated for a while.

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  • Boost Yourself
    While we may have dreams of skipping through rainbows with our precious children in beautiful summer wear, singing our highly educational songs, on our way to eating a nutrious meal all hand made and packed with hidden vegetables... the reality is likely to involve a lot more eye rolling and shouting (at least mine is...). With this in mind as the main carer of children 24/7 for the next few weeks you REALLY need to make sure you are fighting fit. If you haven't already you should get an 'annual check up' with the Dr and make sure you are...
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Summer Is Here!

From now until the end of August we are all about family and fun. We have the exciting new Ideas Generator above that you can use to help you out, we also have a daily ‘what we got up to’ post on Instagram.

You can also use the search box to look for all things School Uniform, Entertaining Kids and Summer related loveliness.

See you on the other side…

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  • Do you worry that money is tight and there is so much you could spend it on?
  • Do ecological and environmental issues concern you, but you just can’t match that with saving money?
  • Are you sometimes up in the night worrying about the kids future, how you will pay for everything they need/want?
  • Is being a parent sometimes overwhelming with responsibility and choices?
  • Do school holidays give you cold sweats?
  • Is the weekly shopping getting more and more expensive and you still seem to have food wasted?
  • Would you like a helpful, realistic, funny place to grab some ideas and inspiration?
  • Could you do with some self care and loving kindness thrown your way?

WELCOME! You are in the right place x

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