This Week…

It’s a busy one! This week is the launch of our Low Waste Christmas book with Less-Stuff, as well as continuing with our #frugalactsofkindness (you can join in by downloading the Kindness Advent for free in the shop).

For our Just One Thing interview this week we are speaking to Andrea Rose from My Recycled Classroom about teaching kids with rubbish!

Don’t forget to get a free letter from Santa via the Royal Mail you need to write to him before 7th December – free printable letters in the shop xx

  • Do you worry that money is tight and there is so much you could spend it on?
  • Do ecological and environmental issues concern you, but you just can’t match that with saving money?
  • Are you sometimes up in the night worrying about the kids future, how you will pay for everything they need/want?
  • Is being a parent sometimes overwhelming with responsibility and choices?
  • Do school holidays give you cold sweats?
  • Is the weekly shopping getting more and more expensive and you still seem to have food wasted?
  • Would you like a helpful, realistic, funny place to grab some ideas and inspiration?
  • Could you do with some self care and loving kindness thrown your way?

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