World Vegetarian Day!

We couldn’t let today go without a shout out to World Vegetarian Day – five out of the six members of The Frugal Family are veggie and so it’s a big part of our world. If you’d like to learn more, or complete the Challenge set by the organisers of the Day you can check out this article on their site.

Being vegetarian isn’t especially challenging in today’s society, but the main impact on our family is that it does cost more to have a specialist diet. The kids can’t have cows milk protein and so we can’t do our main shopping in the very low cost shops, or we can but then end up in the larger supermarkets for yogurt, dairy free spread and a wider variety of protein options. It may well be that the kids grow up to make different choices and we’ll leave it to them to decide – but for now we are a happy band of green, veggie lovers. I am hoping to add some recipes that we particularly enjoy here. One of our daughters and I used to write a monthly, healthy vegan snack for kids to make in a magazine – I have such great memories of our creations together. That magazine has since ended, but I still have great joy in cooking with all the kids and sharing an interest in what we eat, where it comes from and attempting to encourage them to try new things…

Surprisingly Mr Frugal is a powerful voice in our veggie life, as although it’s not his choice he fiercely defends ours. There have been occasions when this voice has been loud, particularly at buffets and public eating spots where some people are less aware of the utensils or dishes they are using. I really admire people that can see beyond their own choices and support others despite their differences.

If you are not veggie or vegan, you might consider reducing your meat intake along the lines of #meatfreemonday or something similar to help our environment? 

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