Winter Wonders

You may be able to see steam coming off my keyboard such is the HUGE amount of work going on at Frugal HQ – it’s just been the most exciting and productive time.  Hopefully you have seen our recent post about the new email course, and now we have this amazing collaboration to help you have the most productive, frugal, healthy, self care Winter EVER!

The book Winning At Winter is now available in our shop at only £6 – that includes the 11 printable resources – yes, really.

Winning At Winter offers:

  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Journal Ideas
  • Upcycling Projects
  • Reading Lists
  • Homemade Beauty
  • Self Care Prompts
  • De cluttering projects
  • Frugal Living Ideas
  • and lots, lots more!

There were five copies at just £1 exclusively for our facebook group members… if you join quick there may still be some left?



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