Where Does It Come From?

I’m delighted to invite Jo from this great company as our Business of the Month – you may remember our hilarious interview on the Just One Thing series? There were toddlers and cats involved, but I’m hoping we can have a more focused discussion during this month, which I will share here. I’ve always been impressed by Jo’s positivity and problem solving, she is a real ambassador for ethical business and has her fingers in many ‘pies’ which we will share over the month.  My personal favourite thing about Where Does It Come From?  is that their kids clothes are so good and last so well that there is a second hand section on the website!

Here is a little about her company in Jo’s own words:


Do you want to shop sustainably but just don’t know what impact your clothes are having? At Where Does It Come From? we create clothing that comes with its story so you can find out who made yours and how they did it, right back to the farms where the cotton was grown.

We make Kind Clothes that Tell Tales – working with social enterprises in India and Africa to benefit the farmers and garment workers, using environment friendly materials and processes such as indigenous rain fed cotton, hand weaving and natural dyes. We are truly sustainable and totally transparent.

You can choose from our range of tunics, shirts, scarves, accessories and children’s clothing – designed for you to love all year round and to wear for all sorts of occasions. They’re stylish, comfortable and very versatile.

We believe that customers want to know their clothes are created without harming the planet or endangering or impoverishing workers. So if you choose to buy clothes from us you really do get the answer to your question ‘Where Does It Come From?

You can keep up with what’s going on by following on social media – and if you’d like to order anything during February you can use the discount code frugal10 – thanks Jo!





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