What Makes A Family?

I’m always interested in the cultural differences around the world of how and what we consider family, who lives with who and what each ‘normal’ looks like. We are considered a larger family with four kids, but I think we are pretty average. We also have a dog, which some would consider part of our family, and extended family. This topic is making me ponder all the issues around what being a family means, and whether ‘blood is thicker than water’?

It’s also a good topic for family discussions, and making any changes… for example we are working on some family chores and rewards this week… if you want to join us there are free downloads and printables in both of our Facebook Groups so just join and you can access all the chore charts, family agreements and planning you could possibly need! If you join the Spend Less group there is an amazing giveaway on the go at the moment to win a Get Started Box full of all you need to go #plasticfree from The Ethical Box so now is a great time to join x 

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