What do I know?

At first this month was going to be a Weddings theme, and if you’re interested in ethical and frugal weddings we have an aweseome board on Pinterest that will be useful to you… however after a 25 year relationship, and 21 year marriage I do feel that the wedding (although wonderful and important) is really only a tiny part of the story.

I’ve also had 15 years of writing and lecturing on positive relationships, self worth and all that jazz which I would love to put to good use here. Remember that we spend less when we love more so it’s all about the frugal even when it isn’t obvious!

I hope this month to share some great hints, tips and information about relationships of all kinds, weddings that make ethical and frugal considerations and also to showcase some wonderful people and businesses working in these fields.

Ain’t love grand?

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