Week Two

This week I’ve really struggled to think of something… we’ve had poorly children and not been in our usual routine. However, as soon as I stopped panicking that my ethical frugal life was a sham and actually thought about it I came up with these things…


We sorted out the Winter Box, and donated the items we no longer needed to a local project – and they will be taken to a refugee camp in Syria to help them get through the harsh Winter.



We have also been collecting toiletries, wash bags and feminine hygiene products to make up toiletry bags for homeless women, and those using three local refuges. This is our annual project in our WI – and it’s a great one. I feel truly touched to have been sent items from friends, family and even from people online I have never met. We have so much I’ve had to buy some more toiletry bags from local charity shops! These are only simple items, but as us women know they make up part of our basic needs, and retaining  dignity.

What’s interesting is that I’m now conscious of this experiment, and so it’s at the forefront of my brain to consider the impact we can have, in just two weeks I have started to change my thinking significantly – and that’s the power of being a more conscious spender, consumer, member of planet Earth!


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