Week Three

This week was a bit easier, especially as I now think more about our impact in our daily living… so this week we:

Had a clear out of too small shoes and donated them to shoe aid.

Re-loaned our repayments from KIVA – this is a micro loan site that allows you to support small operations around the world to start their new business. I was given a KIVA token for a birthday, and we enjoyed deciding which project to support, and have enjoyed redistributing the money as it’s repaid. KIVA feature as a gift idea on the first part of our Gifts That Keep On Giving post at Less-Stuff and I would agree it’s a brilliant gift!

Today we  also went to a local a school Christmas Fair and Christmas Tree Festival in our town – we bought several presents which supported four small businesses in our area, as well as donating to the school and church via raffles and tombolas. It’s also meant the kids got a run around and some sweets – which is also their perfect Saturday morning!.

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