Week One

We are still not quite sure how best to measure and share our impact… but let’s just start and then tweak as ideas come to us (this is somewhat of a Frugal HQ philosophy of life!!).


This week we have given one bag of clothes to the Salvation Army charity shop.

One bag of boxes to the Reception class at school for a project – reuse before recycle!

We have also decided to stop using the very harsh chemicals in firelighters and make our own with toilet roll tubes and the lint from the tumble dryer – we will let you know how they work!! 

We are planning to post up what we have done in the week over the following weekend. The aim of this isn’t to become competitive or to show off – but to share the reality of small changes and the impact they can have. We are just an ordinary family and want to use this as a way to make ourselves more conscious of what we are going, and hopefully inspire other families to make small changes too x

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