We are Starting Something!

See, we do take our own advice!

New E-book!

We are so excited to share our new FREE e-book with you. I wanted to put together a set of starting ideas and goals for living an ethically frugal life, and January just seems the perfect time to do this.

I hope that this is useful to people and contains some practical ways to get going for 2018!

The book is split into 7 ‘Steps’ to challenge all areas of family life, but it mainly falls to the adults to do the work! Some sections might be easier for you than others and you don’t have to complete them in any order, but if you do complete them all you should be looking at having up to £1,000 saved or made – and then you can decide what to do with it!

If you have debts, then they should always be your first concern, although mortgages are a slightly different kettle of fish…

To give you a sneak peek – The 7 Steps are:

1. Check what you have – you might be able to just not buy certain things for a while once you’ve done an audit of what you already have stashed in cupboards, the attic and garage….
2. Change what you can – you need to be changing utilities and other services regularly, or at least checking them annually.
3. Sell what you no longer need – quick fix!
4. Plan and source your food – lots of ideas for this big regular expense
5. Plan ahead – get a feel for what you will need through the months, leading to better use of sales, coupons and wish lists.
6. Household Mindfulness – paying attention to the small ways you can save money and the world, this is where the kids come into their own…
7. Kindness – practicing self-care can reduce lots of bills – honest!

I am also working on making each of the steps into a week long email course, with video and handout support – if you feel that you need some extra help with any of the ideas in the free e-book, these would be the next step. The book should go live in the shop tomorrow, but if you want to be kept up to date with all our exciting news feel free to sign up to our community – we promise not to contact you too much.

I got so excited by the possibilities and opportunities of video that I’m also putting up a number of our workshops as online courses, so that people can access them nationally (or internationally!) – we can’t travel too far as we have childcare and family commitments, but the wonder of the internet means we can still share our ideas and experience. The first one I’m working on (just need a few more hours in the day and some healthy kids!) is the 50 Ways to Save the World... I so love delivering that talk.


I’d love to know what your biggest battle is with ethical and frugal family life, we have a poll in the Facebook Group if you would like to join the link is here. You can also email us, or drop us a Tweet with any ideas – I love a challenge x

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