Water Woes…

It has been unbelievably hot here over the last few days, and so we have got the paddling pool back out and the kids have cooled off and had lots of fun soaking each other (and daddy!). But, inevitably my new way of thinking caused me to reflect on how easy it was for us to just turn on the tap and use beautiful clean water to just play in… and that didn’t feel quite right.

We always recycle our play water, usually by watering our veggies and it isn’t refilled very often (we use a sieve to get the grass out!)   . But I thought about other ways we could ‘offset’ our water usage, and show the kids how lucky they were as a good opportunity to think about our impact as a family. I went to have a look on one of my favourite sites  Good Gifts and found a wonderful range of ways to support water related projects across the world… They range from just £8 to £500.We are going to think about which one we can afford, and which feels the best fit for our water usage – I feel better about the paddling pool already.

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