Wake Up!

Today’s tip is from the amazing Carol at A Journey To A Lifetime – and it’s a challenging one! I (and all my four kids) am an early riser so it would seem that getting up early is an easy thing, but as I haven’t slept through the night for eight years, even my natural tendency to be up early is fading… Carol and her family have lots in common with us, and it’s great to have ‘met’ during this series, check out her lovely site.

Carol’s #selfcareseptember challenge is to get up BEFORE your kids do.


‘Sleep is worth its wait in gold and as a mum of three I couldn’t agree more however waking up 15 minutes before your children is the self care you need to set you up for a good day. I know if sleep is worth its wait in gold how is waking up earlier going to help? Waking up 15 minutes earlier is a world where you have had your first morning coffee before you hear the first little person stir. Or its a chance to read that second chapter of the book that has been sat on your bed side table for weeks that you never got past chapter 1. Waking up 15 minutes earlier could be you dressed and ready for the day before they have a chance to burst in to your bedroom. Or it’s the chance to listen to a podcast that you have tried to listen to twice but kept getting interrupted.

15 minutes to me is a self care game changer.’


I’m not sure if this is possible for me as my baby wakes us up anytime from 5.30am, however I do see a time in the future when I could predict a good time to be up, and our older children now get up and play together without needing me for a little while, so again, I can see a time not too far away when I might get that magical 15 minutes to read a chapter of a book, or have a shower, or now I think about it millions of wonderful options seem possible – thanks Carol xx

P.S While writing this I have just remembered we have a teasmaid in the loft, and you can set it to make a cup of tea at a particular time. I used to have it for when I had to leave home at 5am for the commute to work…. it’s quite noisy and would wake me up, but with a lovely cup of tea so I forgave it and had a hot drink on the train which made the morning better. I will find it TODAY and set it up for TOMORROW. 

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