Waitrose Unpacked

I was so excited to hear that Waitrose were going to trial having a supermarket with unpackaged goods, encourgaging shoppers to bring their own containers for meat, fish, fruit, veg, salad, cereal, nuts, frozen items, wine and beer! I was even more excited when our good friends at Less-Stuff and I were asked to run some upcycling, recycling and zero waste activities at the Botley Road Store to support the Unpacked initiative.

I can’t wait to hear what the outcomes of the trial are, it’s on for 12 weeks in total and we ran workshops for the whole of June. Customers were so very supportive of the Waitrose Unpacked idea, but also of being kinder to the planet in terms of what and how to buy their weekly shopping. I had some really inspiring conversations with so many people, and got to make some lovely containers and homemade string and bunting as well!

A number of supermarkets are now looking at changing their plastic usage on packaging and shopping bags, Iceland have pledged to change their own label packaging and Tesco are phasing out plastic bags altogether. If we as consumers can bring pressure to bear by changing our own habits and making more demands then I really do think the future looks far less covered in single use plastic.


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