Voting Schmoting…


However you intend to vote tomorrow (and PLEASE do vote), make sure you make your mark from a place of hope and not fear. If you have questions about aspects of leaving or staying in the EU, please take some time today to find answers.  The outcome of this referendum will impact our generation and the next and we owe ourselves the thought and time to get it right – vote with your heart as well as your head, listen to your instincts and not just the rhetoric of politicians.

Many of the arguments have become very narrow in their focus and some of the wider issues have been lost in a race for front page coverage and dramatic, sensational headlines. It’s easy to feel unsure or uninterested in this grandstanding, but it’s our country that will be affected by the way we all vote tomorrow – and that’s important enough for me to spend this evening looking at a range of places and reading everything I can find to help me come to a decision I will be proud to tell my children.

Please vote, and not on just one issue but on the single most important question you are likely to be asked for a long time. Are we ‘in’ or ‘out’?

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