Use Up!

This links well with the Stock Up! article from earlier in the week (even if I do say so myself…) The idea here is a good one for the weekend, as it involves a bit of time to search the cupboards, freezer and any other nooks and crannies you might keep food.

It’s very simple – one week a month we only buy essentials, and instead of a ‘big shop’ we just use up what we have. I’d like to pretend that this was beautifully planned and offer inspiring stories, but the reality is I just forgot to shop one day, and then the next I was too tired and by the end of the week realised I had fed us all perfectly well from what we had already. It saved us quite a bit of money, and we decided to see if we could do it more regularly. Most of us in developed countries have stores of food in case of bad weather, unexpected visitors or because we are children of the wartime hoarders and have learnt that behaviour.

It doesn’t really matter why, it will save you money to take a look at what is already in the cupboard and plan your weekly menu (you already do that right?) accordingly. We have sometimes only needed bread and milk for the week – its amazing how quickly the cupboards fill up again and you will feel in control of your spending, and eating if you feel more knowledgeable about what you have.

We also quite like the planning thing, as it’s helped us break out of some food ruts we were in, especially with our picky eaters. We now involve them in the planning as well to reduce the battles over what we’re having each night. But more on that later – we are planning tonight while eating a ‘freezer surprise’ – happy Friday!!


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