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For those with children to entertain it can sometimes seem an impossible struggle to get out the door in the morning at all – let alone with everyone’s coats and shoes on. But it’s so worth the trouble to find a good toddler/play group. A good group will offer friendship and support to the adult as well as cheap fun for the small ones, if you’re really lucky there will even be biscuits! 

We use our local SureStart centre which is totally free, but also a number of other groups, usually £1, for over two hours entertainment and sanity. Don’t forget the amount saved by mum needing less wine at the end of the day 😉. 

It can take a few tries to find a group you feel comfortable in but it’s well worth the effort. Today I’ve been made tea, kids had a good snack, had several people hold the baby as well as watching the toddler do lots of fun activities that are way too messy for home. 


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