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You might have read in a previous post that we have a self care fund – created with some savings we made by changing our gas and electric providers with Switchcraft. One of the ways you could give yourself a little treat is by getting yourself one of the ethical subscription boxes available in the UK. This could be a regular subscription that comes at intervals throughout the year, or just as a one off. It’s also a really lovel gift for that friend who has everything… and shares your values as you gift which feels good all round.

We have tried one of the many available and thought we’d let you know our thoughts…

We were surprised and delighted to be sent a LowToxBox  – one reason this was so very ‘us’ was that it wasn’t all one type of product, but a real selection for the whole house – in the box was a drink, nibbles, a cotton bag, some lovely toiletries and even a laundry stain remover! Our very favourite feature of the LowToxBox, is that for every box they send they plant a tree and you get a certificate to prove it!

The quality of the products was very high, and everyone was very excited to receive a box of ‘goodies’ there was one product we didn’t really like, but our neighbour thought they were lovely so it’s always good to try new things! The box arrives in recyclable packaging without any unnecessary leaflets sending you to the website if you need any further information about the products themselves. The idea of these subscription boxes is two fold – they are a lovely thing to receive and feel a sense of pampering from, they are also a wonderful showcase for organic, fairly traded, eco or ethical products that you may have never heard of as they are from smaller suppliers and producers.

There are a number of alternative options for ethical boxes, and finding what suits your needs is important.


For example if you want to focus on your beauty regime – you may like to try the Pip Box – this is full to the gunnels with cruelty free beauty products –

“The Pip Box is a new beauty box which promotes only cruelty-free beauty. For every box sold they donate 50p to the charity Animal Free Research UK. Named after the founders dog Pippa, The Pip Box has a brand mission to help end cosmetic animal testing through promoting cruelty-free beauty by ethical beauty brands and spreading awareness about cosmetic animal testing. Shipping to the U.K and across Europe, the boxes start from as little as £13.50 per month (plus p&p) and always contain 5 full or travel sized beauty items. There is also a vegan friendly plan available.”

If you sign up and use the code BONUS you will also get an extra item in your first box (while stocks last)!


We have also discovered the Art Tiffin – a subscription of art materials and inspiration – how Finding Your Passion is that?! This is a very new social enterprise, and will be planting trees and supporting mental health charities as part of their mission. Having taught a number of creativity and wellbeing courses I truly believe there is a link, and would seriously encourage you to do creative things as much as possible whether that’s with the kids as well or just for you doesn’t really matter, just let your creative juices flow!


On an equally lovely, but more specific note there is the BuddyBox from the Blurt Foundation – these are intended for people having a tough time with their mental health and are filled with feel good items. Again you can get just one, or a subscription or send them to someone else who may be in need of a hug in a box.


If nature and plants are more your thing, and you have a bit extra in your self care fund you might like to investigate the BloomBoxClub – who send out beautiful plants to enhance your environment either inside or out.


For the Foodies you can’t go far wrong than a subscription box from VeganKind – full of lots of lovely vegan treats and new products you can choose your package from £10 upwards.


For those of you in the USA there is a great group of ethical and environmental subscription boxes listed here that may be of interest?


If you have come across, or make another box then do let us know we are always keen to promote ethical, eco and healthy options as part of our #selfcareseptember series xx


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