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I’ve asked David from ethical insurance provider Evergreen to give us the lowdown on travel insurance, as it’s not something I know much about! Here are his helpful hints…

Holidays are to be treasured and very important to us and our families. We need some down time to recover from the stresses and strains of daily life and spend some quality time together.  As part of the annual holiday we also need to make sure we are fully protected and have the right travel insurance in place. There are an array of products on the market available online, check the cover carefully – low cost travel insurance may not be covering you for what you need:

  • Check the cover carefully. Low cost policies may be covering low limits of cover – for example cancellation cover might only be a few hundred pounds, depending on the cost of your flights or other elements of your trip, you may need more cover.
  • Check to see whether or not you need vaccinations for where you are travelling to, it may impact a medical claim.
  • Single trip and annual policies are available, if you plan to have more than one break try an annual policy it may work out to be more cost effective than taking out several single trip policies
  • Make sure you declare any medical conditions, some insurers will cover pre-existing conditions, some may exclude it. This can depend on the location and clients age but it pays to be honest up front.
  • If you are planning to do any sports whilst on holiday declare these to make sure the right cover is in place, eg: skiing, you can also purchase cover for things like golf and or business equipment.
  • Arrange your insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday, otherwise you may not be covered if you have to cancel the holiday.
  • Think of things like travel disruption, for example the ash cloud situation a few years ago – travel disruption can be included but might be excluded from a low cost policy online.
  • Are you planning to drive on holiday? Make sure your car insurance policy extends to cover you, take your driving licence and policy documents with you.

I always double up on my documents and keep in separate bags just in case one goes missing – I also take a photo of my passport just in case it goes missing, so I have a copy and can prove my identity. I also have a photocopied version of my passport with me as well!

Whether it is a single trip or annual policy you need, Evergreen Insurance Services can help you and as part of our commitment to helping protect the natural world we donate back to charity from every £1 we earn.  Contact us online or call 020 3372 2160.

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