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      Sep 20, 2018

Thursday Thought 8

By golly my kids are growing fast – and I don’t mean this in a philosophical sense – I mean they have actually grown out of clothes we only bought for Christmas! Kids clothes can be very expensive, we are lucky and have formed an informal ‘line’ so that our girls get lots of hand me downs, but our son not so lucky as he was our first child we don’t know many people with older kids…

We try to source clothes in charity shops, and cheaper places like Sports Direct or Supermarkets. However, I have recently decided to dust off my sewing skills and see if I can do anything clothes wise that fits with our frugal/recycling project. I think this will mostly suit the girls, but we’ve asked for clothes for Growing Boy’s birthday on Sunday so should tide him over until we can break out the shorts…

In keeping with this project I’ve invited Stripey Squirrel to guest blog here on Saturday 2nd April – please come on over for her DIY tutorial x 

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