Thursday Thought 3

I had a good (somewhat surprising) customer service experience yesterday, it reminded me that being frugal isn’t just about what we spend, or what we spend it on, but also in making sure we are getting value for money.

I had a Tweetathon with Sainsburys and have received a refund, without asking, for a small sum as I was unhappy with the quality of some potatoes. Usually I wouldn’t have bothered to take the box back to the shop as it’s too much hassle, especially for such a small sum – but I did want them to know that I was disappointed. Those small sum’s do add up, and via the joy of the interweb I was able to get a bit of money back without spending anything more out.

I don’t wish to become someone who complains all the time, and I certainly wouldn’t do it just to see if I could gain financially, but being frugal means I need to be aware of every penny – they all count.

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