Thursday Thought

It’s not really been a day for philosophy… it’s been more action and reaction. But in the 3 minutes I have while I re-heat dinner, I may just get a thought in before it’s too late!

I’ve discovered that planned busyness is the friend of frugal living, and today is the perfect example…Had we not planned a busy morning of cleaning, sorting, gifting and playing in the garden, then had friends over and gone to town with Lego, dress up and making fruit kebabs I would almost certainly have had time to make a cup of tea, and shop online while the kids watched TV. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but when distracted or lacking in purpose I often find myself spending unnecessary money online – it’s much easier than handing over cold hard cash.

Unplanned busyness isn’t the frugal’s friend – as that’s when I forget to sort dinner and end up getting a take away (like last night)… I’m learning x

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