Thursday Thought 18 – update

Use small businesses and local folk – you save a fortune, have a much better service, may even make friends and learn a few things.

For example… I now get my hair cut by a lovely local lady who comes to the house at a time to suit me, and for 2 kids and myself it’s £17 for really good haircuts – I used to spend £8 just on one kid in the local high street and simply didn’t go myself as it was too expensive. She’s lovely and it’s brilliant. I still give Mr. a buzz cut at home for free, but have even offered him a visit from Lucy (ahem…).

Try it!

 UPDATE – on this exact theme I’ve come across a really great little business called Bonfire Cherry. It’s a single person operation making really good quality jewellery, prints, bags and books as well as new things coming out all the time. The prices are good value and the customer service is amazing… see going for the independent option is always better. logo


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