Thursday Thought 14

The ‘technical’ issues this week have been child related – if you are a parent you will understand, if you’re not then you’ll just have to cut me some slack…

I’ve been thinking about half term on the horizon and all the free fun to be had in the good old fashioned outdoors. I’ve already waxed lyrical about how lucky we are with parks around us, and you can’t beat a lovely picnic etc. But for those rainy days… free fun is a bit harder – some ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Visit to a car showroom, lots to look at and ‘play’ with ahem…
  • See other posts for my passion for local libraries
  • Visit to the toy superstore (bear with me…) to make a Christmas or birthday list, mine love this, you give them a pad and pencil to write down the names of things, and then in the car on the way home they give the list numbers so most wanted is number one etc. For some kids you could let them take photos maybe?
  • Wrappng sessions, we try to get gifts for friends and relatives organised in advance and then have a grand card making and present wrapping session on the table, works for us.
  • Indoor challenges, maybe making an assault course, playing traditional games like pass the parcel (with toys they already have or sweets/treats from the cupboard, we like to use a roll of lining paper and draw around ourselves and then colour ourselves in, cut out the full sized person and stick them to the right bedroom door
  • Hide and seek games aren’t just for Easter! You could cut up the letters of their name and hide them around the house.  Or cut up the favourite characters in a TV show and they have to find the whole gang.
  • Have friends over to play, initially this sounds a terrible plan, but actually it occupies kids easily and the place was going to be a mess anyway…

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