The Shed

I LOVE my shed… it’s my oasis of just me, it’s my space, my retreat, my kid free (ish) zone. It’s also where I work on the two days that the kids are at nursery – the rest of the time I snatch moments on the family computer as and when I can between all the parenting things that take such a lot of time and energy but that you can’t quite put your finger on.

The Shed is perfect. It’s an old potting shed that I bought with the idea of pursuing my love of growing things from seeds, but it turns out that four small children is quite time consuming and I just never had the time to garden – we do love to be outside with the kids and they have a pot each to grow things, and a mud kitchen and I have a few small alpines in an old tea set that I love to nurture – but that’s all we can manage currently.

So the shed sat unloved and full of spiders. When we discussed The Frugal Family as a real ‘thing’ – it all came together so perfectly that I do believe it’s meant to be… the potting shed was transformed into an office for just £35 (the cost of the extra cables for the electricity) everything else we had or got from a local freecycle page. Mr F is an electrician so comes at a good price 😉

I am filming all the e-course sessions in the shed, so you will see me and it if you buy the course. Here’s a sneak peak if you want a look! The Shed

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