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One of my favourite things about starting The Frugal Family has been all the wonderful and interesting people and businesses I have met. I hope today, while thinking about World Toilet Day, and #feelingthankful we have not one but two indoor toilets – I wanted to share this great information about staying healthy and being thankful for all the sanitation we take for granted in the West. I’m also intrigued by all things Thanksgiving as we don’t have that celebration here in the UK… 


Giving Thanks for Modern Hygiene

By: Candess Zona-Mendola of

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for all of us to take a moment and be well, thankful. The holiday itself is based on the idea of a good, healthy harvest meant survival for the coming winter. In our modern world, if you live in a developed country anyway, you are likely giving thanks for things or people – not just the harvest. This Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for hygiene. More importantly, the knowledge that good hygiene can help keep us healthy.

We know now that hygiene helps prevent the spread of disease. Certain hygienic practices, like handwashing for example, have revolutionized medicine and food preparation. Since the 1800s discovery that handwashing could reduce the likelihood of the spread of illness, a door has opened to allow more and more adoption of health savvy practices. Milk, for example, was an incredibly dangerous food before the discovery of pasteurization. It is now the base for most diets for children. By understanding that knives should be washed after their use with raw foods, we have been able to reduce foodborne illness. Hygiene has allowed us a cheap, efficient way to protect ourselves and those we love from illness. As a result, we are living longer and healthier lives.

During your own Thanksgiving Day meal prep, you can use these modern methods. For example, you can:

• Wash your hands. A lot! Most importantly, washing hands after handling animals, using the facilities, or handling raw meats before eating or preparing other foods.

• Wash your vegetables. By washing your veggies, you are able to get bacteria from the soils or handling of the produce prior to cooking.

• But don’t wash your turkey. recommends not washing poultry prior to cooking. This is because contaminated water can splash onto food preparation areas and potentially cross-contaminate leftovers. Cooking your bird to its optimum cooking temperature will kill the harmful bacteria, don’t worry.

• Clean up, often. My mother always said to clean as you go when you are cooking. This is a good practice to not only give yourself plenty of preparation space, but also to avoid cross-contamination.

• Don’t cook if you are sick. If you are feeling under the weather, it is a good idea (and highly recommended) to let someone else take over the meal preparation. You will get the rest you need, and your guests won’t take home more than leftovers from their meal.

So, as you cook that turkey to at least 165 °F and wash your hands between making your pies and cutting your veggies, you can take a moment to give thanks to one of the reasons you need not fear illness from your meal – modern hygiene.


I’m sure we can all look around the at the amazing hygiene products we have, and the indoor water and be #feelingthankful. If you need some tips to save water then check out our recent post. Happy Toilet Day everyone! 

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