Take a Breath…

Sometimes I find that my natural butterfly nature means it’s easy to do too much and not take the time to reflect and plan ahead… it’s who I am and I’m so used to being stretched and over extending myself that I’m not sure how to function with regular breaks!

One thing I’m disappointed about here on the website, is that I just couldn’t keep up with weekly reflections on our family impact. So, on reflection I’m going to aim for a monthly report – and we will see how that goes. On a positive note, it’s because so many other exciting things have been starting for The Frugal Family that have taken so much of my time and energy, it’s all good!

So – our recent impact:

  • Connecting with over 3,000 people on social media (followers, so possibly more who just ‘pop in’) to share positive environmental messages and ideas
  • Starting the Just One Thing series, bringing a wider range of ideas and expertise to our audience and encouraging realistic change
  • Creating two new Facebook groups SpendLess, UseLess, DoMore! for general ethical budgeting and Free & Frugal Fun for Kids to help entertain kids on a budget.
  • Collaborated on a series of seasonal books to support ethical and frugal living
  • At home we have added a new plastic to our recycling that we didn’t know was eligible before!
  • We continue to take clothes and shoes that are no longer useful to us to suitable local charities.
  • We have given over 20 items away on a local free recycling group – and gained several things we needed as well x

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