Part One

Add green value to your business the easy way… With the US walking away from the Paris Accord, the environment is back in the headlines – and it’s a fast growing area of the market, with people looking at what companies offer in terms of their ‘green’ credentials. From the largest down to the smallest business – everyone can make … Read More

A Man’s Best Friend…

It’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day tomorrow… we have a dog and he often does come with me to the shed on my ‘working’ days. I guess he’s at work with me all the time, as I’m always at work!  He is a ‘love-dog’, I’m not a dog person and after I got our first pet (cats) it was … Read More

Frugal Finances

June is Family Finance Month on our frugal planner… We are finishing off our look at insurances, and as I start writing the next batch of ideas about how to balance the books at home (cleaning – ugh), I was saddened to learn of a family at our school that have a poorly little one, I gave our best wishes etc … Read More