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      Sep 20, 2018

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Half Term Heaven
Half Term Heaven

WOW! How can it possibly be time for another school holiday already?

Some schools are already out, but we have to wait until next week. If you have kids home from school and need a few ideas you can have a browse through our Staying Sane in the Summer series as many of those ideas are still valid, or I have few choice ones for an autumnal week here as well…


Go and check out WikiPlaces for Kids – we love this site as it is parent driven, and only supports positive reviews so you know if a place is on there it’s already good – you just have to check your particular needs. If you have a good day out yourselves during half term do add it to the site to help others (and you get included in a prize draw!). Listed on the site are some of the well known ‘big days out’, but there is also a section of walks and other free and frugal ideas.


Autumn is really the best time for a walk in the woods, the leaves are so great to run around in so grab your wellies and a waterproof coat and find your nearest woodland or park and have a few free hours of fresh air. The trickier bit of park loving in the colder weather is that picnics aren’t as appealing – you could try taking a thermos of tomato soup and some bread to dip or a batch of just cooked pasta will stay warm for a while in a good insulated cool bag. Timing may be more important than the Summer to go when you will only need a snack is best, and a thermos of hot chocolate. If you have any memberships remember to make the most of them during the school holidays, National Trust places often close over the Winter do this may be the last chance to get the benefit of your membership for a few months. We like to collect some leaves and then draw faces on them when we get home, and of course we must always have our pockets full of conkers… If you want to stay closer to home in case of changeable weather (and children) then there is lots of fun to be had in the garden still, you could make a bug hotel or become a nature detective.


Crafts galore! Rainy and cold days often call for indoor activities and crafts are pretty fun to do if a little messy to clear up… If you don’t feel confident at preparing  your own activities then try Ready To Go Art, who have created a downloadable set of craft ideas that you can just print off with low ink options and simple instructions – super easy and educational too. We love to use up toilet roll tubes at every opportunity, they are just the right size for small hands and can be turned into so many things – check out our Frugal Autumn board for lots of autumnal craft projects, if you like to do the Hallowe’en thing then we also have a board for that! In all the school holidays we also have a Box Day – we collect up boxes from our shopping and the neighbours over a few days and then the kids can do as they want with them one day in the holidays, it’s fun to create all sorts of things from rockets, cars, houses for toys, submarines – their ideas are endless so you best make sure the sticky tape is too! Remember to recycle all the boxes afterwards for a quick clear up from lovely free fun. 



Have a theme day – this requires a little bit of planning as you want to use things you already have at home;  one evening put everything into a box or suitcase so the kids can open it up and discover all the exciting things inside – we have tried Dinosaur Day, Pirate Day, Fairyland Day, Pumpkin Day, Farm Day, Robot Day, any of their favourite tv shows or characters will have lots of things online to print off as well as more likely to have things already at home. If you have a mixed age range this needs a bit more management, we put some more advanced things like word searches or crosswords into an envelope with the child’s name on, and colouring sheets for the younger children. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can make a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt around the house with clues etc. This doesn’t have to be too daunting, the scavenger hunt could just be for different coloured items…

Things to put in the box/suitcase might include:

  • toys,
  • masks to make,
  • films to watch,
  • colouring in sheets,
  • books to read,
  • dressing up items,
  • cake/cookie making,
  • List of things to find/Treasure Hunt
  • Lego instructions to make themed items – or try the Lego family page for ideas
  • pin the X on the X if you have the energy to make something
  • balloons are always popular
  • stickers
  • sweets/treats


Playdates – lots of parents are fearful of adding more children to the chaos, but I actually find it much easier if they all go off and play with friends – this does require a certain acceptance of the mess that will be made, and that you don’t have to clean every nook and cranny for a 6 year old to visit. Invite another family over, have a few ideas of things they can do (or use the theme day above) and let them just play. If you want to invite just the kids or the parents for a cuppa as well is totally up to you, but if you’re going to be stuck inside on a miserable day you may as well just embrace it! You will need to have some strategies for the inevitable disagreements, especially when different age siblings want to play with older ones etc. I try to have zones that have different activities in and circulate people e.g. crafts/colouring on the table, film in the living room, building bricks in one bedroom and a specific play item in another bedroom (we let our kids put ‘special’ things away if they don’t want to share them).

You also need to think about your food offering. If the kids can help make their meals that’s great – we like to make a trail mix, smoothies, or put pizza toppings on for example.


A week will go past pretty quickly, meet up with friends and make sure you have some quick meals already prepared as you will be tired in the evenings. Get a few treats in for the adults too! I really believe I will miss all this time when the kids have all left home, so I’m trying to embrace the stress and mess of really enjoying their childhood fully – the holidays for us have become really precious times and I now love them more than school days – really!

Thursday Thought 46

Following on the recycled theme, and seamlessly matching it to the Christmas theme, I came across these beautiful recycled coffee sack Christmas stockings from Fern Cottage Crafts.

edmenaBuying gifts that have a recycled element can be done in all sorts of ways. There are lots of homemade ideas for gifts from children, or you may have a piece of jewellery from a relative that would make a great heirloom piece for another family member. Christmas shouldn’t be about the money we spend, but the thought we put in.

We’ve tried a few ways to extend Christmas spirit for more than just one day of present frenzied chaos and eating ourselves into a stupor. We like to wrap all our Christmas books and DVD’s and have them as treats all through December (re-using last years wrapping paper of course, if you wrap them before they go back in the loft with all the odds and bits you have left, or saved from the big day it’s a doddle!). We also like to make Christmas Eve a special day… take a look at Jam Jar Craft Studio for some great recycled paper ideas. Just a thought 😉

Thursday Thought 45

We do the elf thing at Frugal HQ – somewhat of a rod for our own backs to be honest, but it’s fun too and the kids love it. We got our Elf several years ago so it’s now free fun! Sometimes silly is good for adults as well, especially at this often stressful time of year…

Thursday Thought 43

It’s been a much calmer week all round, and so ‘we’ have started to consider what we are buying for Christmas and lists have been created – presents, food, cards etc. One strategy we use is to stick to one supermarket and use their points scheme, this means we have  a nice sum to use for our Christmas Treat Foods.

A new strategy is to use TopCashBack for items we buy online (we also order things via this for family and friends). I am totally amazed by how much we have saved over the year by using TopCashBack and when I was checking how to actually get the money out I realised that you can get an extra 6% more money FOR FREE by having your money on a shop card instead of straight to your bank. This could be used as a gift card for someone, or in a shop we are likely to be getting presents from anyway – with four kids every penny counts.


Party On!

One great way to support local business people is to shop locally, particularly in the run up to Christmas. I will be doing a post about that in more detail next week, but here I wanted to focus on the great power of holding a ‘party’ at home and inviting one or more local sellers to come along.

These are usually very informal gatherings that are useful on lots of levels

  • your friends get to meet up for a day/night out,
  • they get to shop easily without queues and carrying heavy bags,
  • they also get more unusual gifts or discounts,
  • The benefit of being the host is that you will either get a ‘thank you’ gift, or a heavy discount on your own purchases, as well as the loveliness of having friends over for a catch up.

We have done this to support local businesses with lots of mutual benefits, those people have become lasting contacts and it’s a really nice way to shop. There are loads of different parties you can host, from cosmetics, kitchen wares, books and clothes. Our favourites are Phoenix Trading and Arbonne both offer a very personal service, have great products and people really enjoy seeing and buying them.


Quick Tip #11

I had eggs for lunch, so guess what the kids are doing after school! 

Egg Shell Seed Starters

T-shirt Re-shirt

Another great recycling project, this time with old but loved t-shirts. Sometimes you just can’t throw them away, and here are some fun ideas of how to give them a second life. This is particularly nice with kids clothes that they have grown out of, or loved items that have been worn until holes appeared…

https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FMetDaanMagazine%2Fvideos%2F1966702713567443%2F&show_text=0&width=560“>T-shirt Re-shirt

Show me your makes!

Fun Bat Project

Whether you ‘do’ Halloween or not, this is a fun project to recycle some good ol’ toilet rolls – as you may have noticed, we keep all of ours to use all year round – we love bats and have a bat box on the house so you don’t have to link it to the end of October if you don’t want to…

https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FsostrenegreneUK%2Fvideos%2F1015239535241812%2F&show_text=0&width=560“>Fun Bat Project

Enjoy! x

Quick Tip #10

Green Monster SnackGreat fun idea for semi healthy snacks, and all things we had at home (cups left over from parties are hoarded here) – quite seasonal too if you do the Halloween thing…

Thursday Thought 34

Today can do one! Just when you think one more thing might tip you over the edge… And then one more thing happens and you have to decide whether to laugh or cry.

Being frugal for a comfort eater and shopper isn’t easy – especially when stressed. However, I’m developing a list of free ‘feel good’ activities for moments like these – feel free to suggest some (be polite!).

I’m off to rummage in the craft cupboard to make some earrings for myself. After a cuppa of course😉

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