Thursday Thought

It’s not really been a day for philosophy… it’s been more action and reaction. But in the 3 minutes I have while I re-heat dinner, I may just get a thought in before it’s too late! I’ve discovered that planned busyness is the friend of frugal living, and today is the perfect example…Had we not planned a busy morning of cleaning, sorting, gifting … Read More

Feel the Love

I like Valentines Day. There I said it. It doesn’t have to be a commercial exercise, you don’t have to buy overpriced meals and flowers, but it is a great opportunity to show people that you love them, to ponder on how you demonstrate that today and in the future- to check in with them to make sure they know … Read More

Library Lovin’

Another of the freebies that people seem to forget about (to our great shame as they are being closed…) is the local library. They really are the most amazing resource, not just books to borrow but also information on local groups, events and reference books. You can use the internet, print a letter and in our local library you can now get a cuppa … Read More

Park Life

There are lots of freebies that for some reason people forget about, the park is one of them. Whether you are on your own with your thoughts, being dragged by the dog, lovingly holding hands, or racing after toddlers a large green space is just the thing. We are lucky enough to be able to walk to five different parks from our … Read More


I try to do at least one thing a day to support ‘the project’, and a really easy thing to start you off might be to look on Facebook (or similar) to find a local freecycle group. We did this and have got rid of loads of things that would have gone into landfill which feels really good and we … Read More

Starter for ten…

Brilliant fun The link above takes you to some (mostly free), craft ideas for Valentines. This will certainly be keeping us busy over next weekend,  using up things like loo roll tubes is particularly good as they can still be recycled after you have done with them.