Swap It!

Today we are all about embracing change, which frankly isn’t an easy thing. I rather like living in a country that has changing seasons, there is a beautiful cycle of preparation and change as each temperature and tree slowly moves along… or maybe I’m just in a philosophical mood? In our Eco-Friendly Autumn Book we have a whole section dedicated to swapping in all areas of life!

Over on our partners blog today there are lots of useful ideas of things you can swap for a more sustainable and frugal life, I’m going to think about swapping out or putting away items you won’t need over the colder months and replacing them with things you will. We have some other blog posts about swapping here too x

A good example in our house is coats and hats, we have a box with all the sunhats and sunglasses, which last weekend we swapped out for the woolly hats and scarves. There is a sentimental time as you remember treasured items you haven’t seen for a while, or what happened last time you wore them, naturally for our family this year that has been a time of great emotion and many tears – but it has also brought back memories we have added to our journals and that was very precious. Often physical items can help children to recall memories and as ours are so young we are writing down as much of their own moments as possible so in the future they can define what have become family stories they have simply heard over and over and what were really personal to them.

You could simple move things around in the cupboards so what you need is easier to find, or have boxes that you swap things around in and then put back into storage – remember to label things well!

Other examples might be:

  • sun lotions and potions swapped for lip balm and moisturiser
  • summer shoes swapped for wellies and boots
  • smoothie equipment swapped in the cupboard with soup making
  • swap cooling fans for blankets and quilts
  • move the iced tea and swap with hot chocolate!

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