Sunday Funday


Today is our ‘rest’ day, we ‘work’ on Saturday so we can chill out on Sunday – to be honest it works best for the kids as we still have to prepare food, look after the fire, change nappies and clean dishes….BUT we don’t vacuum, put up shelves, mow the lawn etc.

Today we will mostly be making love bugs  (see why here) and eating up all the leftover Christmas chocolate, it’s going to be lovely. I even won some extra chocolate at the WI raffle.

ours weeks are very hectic, and then there are lots of chores that can only be done when there are two adults about, which means the weekend for us. We started to feel we worked all seven days and life got a bit shouty and stressful. Making time to just hang out together is a real priority, but doesn’t come easily when there is a bottomless pit of chores – so the effort on Saturday is worth it to truly relax today. It also allows the kids valuable time for nothing. They are pushed and enriched and all that good stuff over six days, but even they need some space to do their own thing and watch tv and cuddle. Or sometimes they choose to run around the house in just their pants screaming about pirates or dinosaurs – those Sunday’s are less relaxing, but still vital x

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