Summer Impact

We’ve got a bit behind with this as life has been so incredibly busy lately – for the last few months we’ve had one thing after another to ‘challenge’ us… as we move towards another Summer School Break and I see time eeking away it’s a mixed bag of feelings, this year is going way too quick for me.

So what  have we managed on the Impact front? This is the good news about making small changes – they build up gradually so over a number of weeks you are still having an impact even when you don’t feel you’ve done anything significant. In May, June and July we have managed to:

  •  Move to plastic free, sustainable period ‘stuff’ – more on this in a separate post!
  •  Shift our purchasing mindset to only second hand or more sustainable sources – this is on going depending what we need, but the mindset is the start! We’ve also got better at fixing things.
  •  Started to incorporate the Sustainable Living Goals into our everyday lives, this has been a project for the whole of July, if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen it…
  •  Buy a new mattress but one made from recycled plastic bottles! Although new we felt that we could justify it based on the amazing deal we got and the recycled elements. Also, it was our first new mattress since we got married in 1997 so we REALLY needed it…
  •  We’ve also had two low waste kids parties, but more about those once I’ve recovered enough to write about them x

We are still running our free Low Waste Living course if you need some ideas, you can join anytime and get an email each day with an area of life to tackle x

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