Stop doing the laundry – really!

I’ve found the most wonderful new online magazine called Pebble – you will be hearing lots more about them I’m sure, but this particular article caught my eye as it’s all about washing clothes less – music to my ears!

Have a read and see what you think… I can absolutely cut down on the amount of washing I do here are 5 things I’ve changed recently:

  1. Kids wear their pjs much longer, unless there has been an especially sweaty time…
  2. I get the kids to check if they can wear their school ‘outer’ clothes again, e.g. trousers or pinafore dresses.
  3. To be honest I wore my clothes more than once already because I don’t have that many… BUT I have started to make the baby wear her socks more than one day as they are always perfectly clean as she only wears welly boots…
  4. I use my Eco Wash button almost all the time now.
  5. I’ve realised other people wash a lot more than me! We only change the beds on a Sunday, but often forget so they can go up to 2 weeks… but now I can justify that as I’m saving the World. Happy Mrs F.

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