Stock up!

My suggestion for today will actually cost you more money to begin with, but should save loads in the longer term. There are a number of different ways to stock up on various items so that they cost less as you buy in bulk, lots of the big supermarkets have a system for bulk buying some products, there are also specialist warehouse-type shops like Macro and Costco with a membership fee that offer really amazing savings on certain products (we don’t find Costco any cheaper for alcohol, but massively cheaper for other things like herbs and spices…).

We have recently discovered a number of specialist sites online as well and this week have had our first delivery of meat from Muscle Foods, we only have one carnivore in the house so it should last about 6 months which at £55 is pretty amazing for the high quality and I was also pleased as it’s a local company so no transport miles either. We are debating the use of Approved Foods which sell off products past their sell by date, from a brief investigation they don’t appear to sell enough of the foods we eat the most for it to be worth our while, but it might be worth an experimental order to see how it all works. I’m sure no one will object to me stocking up on crisps and cereal…hopefully keeping food out of landfill.

Let me know what you think if you give it a try… xx

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