Start Learning

I was inspired by Helen Domleo while we were dog walking recently – as well as being a talented jewellery maker, and having had a most interesting life experience and story so far… she has also started doing a pottery class at a local College. We discussed how hard it can be to carve out ‘me time’ while parenting and working, but now her son is a teenager she felt the time had come to do something for herself, just because she wanted to. The pottery has mixed outcomes, but the benefits of the time dedicated to a creative process without pressure, and the laughter and friendship of the group has been important.

It reminded me of the all the reasons I used to tell my students to learn new things, take time for themselves, pursue creative opportunities and keep social contact… and it reminded me I ought to listen to my own advice!

Helen’s pottery may not be going well, but her talent and creative passion can clearly be seen in the intricate and beautiful jewellery she makes. If you would like to see more of her work you can take a look at her FaceBook Page. 

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