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Wow this site is going to be full of stuff, but here’s the lowdown…

  • Do you worry that money is tight and there is so much you could spend it on?
  • Do ecological and environmental issues concern you, but you just can’t match that with saving money?
  • Are you sometimes up in the night worrying about the kids future, how you will pay for everything they need/want?
  • Is being a parent sometimes overwhelming with responsibility and choices?
  • Do school holidays give you cold sweats?
  • Is the weekly shopping getting more and more expensive and you still seem to have food wasted?
  • Would you like a helpful, realistic, funny place to grab some ideas and inspiration?
  • Could you do with some self care and loving kindness thrown your way?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you are SO in the right place – and we’re so happy to see you here!


We are still building the site over this year. We have started with The Frugal Home as this seems to be the area we have found the most regular expense, and also the quickest place to make immediate changes.

We also have Book Me – where you can have Mrs Frugal come and deliver a talk, or an interactive workshop.

About Us – is to let you have a bit of background on our family – more will be added for the nosy 😉

Mrs F writes a regular Blog post every Thursday, and a portfolio or post about our theme on other days. Keep checking in, or join our newsletter below to receive a weekly round up – and a few extras too.

There is also a small Shop of bits we’ve created for giveaways, but thought we’d add here too as there was a page in the template for it!

We also have Kids Zone – which we are filling with fun activities, videos and other bits to make this a truly family friendly site that you can all access and use together. 

Over the next few months we will be adding a page for Frugal Events, Frugal Travel, Frugal Self Care. I’m sure there is more and we’re hoping to get some feedback from our community about what is most useful.

Please join our community and share this adventure with us.



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