Sofa Scramble

This might seem an odd idea for getting cosy, but while you are sorting out old coats and bags or plumping up your cushions always remember to check for loose change. Even foreign or out of date coins might still be of use to pay directly into a bank or savings account and all those pennies add up. We keep our loose change in two huge cat money boxes, one for silver and one for coppers, they are then added up once a year and make our holiday spending money for the kids, it’s not a huge amount but it does help and is a good way to get lots of counting and money literacy into the conversation. Allowing kids to use and understand physical money is very important as so much is done online now many children have no concept of how money works.

We wrote another post about places you may have ‘lost’ money like old bank accounts from childhood etc. You can take a read here x


In our Winning At Winter book we have a whole raft of ideas on the Thrifty Thursday pages, the idea of the Winter book is to create your own unique calendar of activities by cutting and sticking the prompts you pick out from our suggestions. The book looks at different topics on daily themes and then has the blank calendar and cut outs at the end so you can choose what you would like to focus on.


All our books are available from here as a printable PDF or from Amazon via our Author Page. We have recently added a year long planner with a week to view page and a weekly Easy Eco idea that you might find useful to get 2020 into order, it doesn’t have dates on so you can start and stop without wasting the planner.

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