So, sewing…

Quick update on the frugal fun of sewing… I’ve found this great website that sells patterns and have ordered a couple to start making kids clothes, as well as some clothes for our toy babies it appears…

I love what Stripey Squirrel is doing with recycling, but thought this would add another string to my bow too. There are too many patterns out there to mention, I was amazed by the variety, and as the patterns cover a wide age range just one should see me for all three girls! There is also more than one version of each item, so one pattern can make lots of different outfits – and for £6-8 that’s really great value.

Sewing Belle is a great place to go and explore – I even saw some patterns to make myself a few new things, and for someone that hasn’t been clothes shopping (other than maternity) in nearly 10 years that is saying something.

I’ve negotiated a 10% discount at for you guys,

as I hope you enjoy it as much as I did –

use the code CLSEW10 at the checkout x


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