Snibston Explorers

We try to make sure we visit lots of local attractions and events, and explore our beautiful and exciting East Midlands fully – it’s been a great time so far as we are still relatively new to the area. One place we wanted to see before it was closed down (boo) was Snibston Discovery Park.  When the smallest Baby A is safely at nursery some of us bigger ones get to do more adventurous things – however having now been, we’ll be taking Baby A when we go again as little ones are extremely well catered for with a special play zone inside and out.

Snibston is an old colliery and has a tour available of the original building given by a former miner. It has extended the site to include a Discovery/Science centre, History of Fashion exhibition, old vehicles and a great outdoor adventure play park with water, sound, sand and the more regular swings and slides. IMG_0889[1]

The park is threatened with closure at the end of July, so I would encourage you to visit over the summer holidays, we will certainly be back en masse. By far the most popular part of the day were the science experiments, all very accessible and can be completed without much adult intervention which is essential when you’re six. There was a huge amount of learning that went on, as well as heaps of fun – I even lifted a mini right off the floor – oh yes!


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