Small is Special

Today I’d really love to introduce you to a person that I’ve never met, but someone I would really like to get to know because they are doing exactly what we are hoping to support everyone to do in life! We started a series of interviews on our Facebook Page this year called Just One Thing – hearing from a wide range of people about what they are doing to make small changes towards more ethical and sustainable living.  It’s been a wonderful way to offer so many different and varied suggestions in the hope that we can all start to make realistic and doable changes that will ripple and have a long lasting impact.


I asked on our social media accounts if anyone wanted nominate a Wonderful Woman, or was doing something that would make an interesting feature – so here is Claire Stone!


I’d also like to put myself forward – not because I think I’m wonderful (well, hopefuly I’m wonderful-ish) but because I’m doing something which I’d love to share with people, and hopefully inspire them. This year, for my New Year Resolution, I decided to pick up pieces of litter every day – I share the pictures under #365daysoflitter on my instagram page, and I’ve managed to do every day aside from yesterday (snow day, but I made up for it today) and i’m doing it because I’d love to help clean up our beaches and oceans, but because I don’t live by the sea, I can’t. Instead, I’m doing my bit to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the sea. Featuring what I’m doing might help other women feel a bit braver about picking up litter (it’s been a journey for me!)


Claire has also nominated another woman doing wonderful things that we will feature another day, but I wanted to give Claire (not least because of her name!) a big THANK YOU for keeping our beautiful country beautiful xx

Do you pick up litter as you walk to school or if you see some when you’re out and about?

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