Shopping Local

We love our local high street, it’s one of the reasons we narrowed down our home search to this town. We love how many independent shops there are – and despite it going through a tough time at the moment, we have high hopes that it will pull through. There are also an incredibly high number of women business owners here which makes us feel very proud. We support the local high street as much as possible, and if you really look and think you can pretty much get anything there. There are a high number of charity/thrift shops, and they sell everything!

If you love your high street there are lots of ways you can help it to survive the spread of out of town shopping, supermarkets branching into every type of sale and online shopping. We actually do a lot of online shopping – but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Take a look at the new phenomenon of Storegofer – created by a great colleague of ours from pre-Frugal days x If you run a high street store and want to get involved in this innovative idea of supporting independent businesses to create an online high street you can sign up at

You can save money by shopping locally, build up great relationships and experience truly good customer service – our local tea shop even drops off cake to those in need!

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