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We wanted to give a great Frugal Family shout out to all the companies that allow us to shop and help at the same time, we have recently come across the wonderful Ethicological – who are on a mission to make the products they sell meaningful and support amazing projects. Check them out to find out more about their mission – there are lots of businesses doing similar great things to support a wider purpose (it’s also what we are all about).

One of the values we were so worried would be hard to manage when we needed to save money was that of being an ethical and sustainable shopper – and it can be hard to marry up those two values… but it’s not impossible! I have two main concerns or questions I ask myself when shopping:

  1. Will this last? I think value for money is about the sustainability of a product, I have spent lots of money on shoes before, but they have lasted me many year and so in the long run they are much better for my pocket and my environmental impact than buying lots of pairs -probably 10 or more- of cheaper but not well made shoes.
  2. What will happen when I no longer need this? Is this product recyclable, useful to someone else, is it biodegradable… all these factors now influence my shopping and spending habits. This one is the key to me just not buying as much – which is better for my pocket and my conscience x

There are lots more questions and ideas that might be considered, but these are the quick two that have made the biggest impact here at Frugal HQ.


What are your favourite ethical brands?

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