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We are nearing the end of #selfcareseptember and I for one will be sad to say goodbye – I’ve been in contact with so many new and interesting people and companies, and such generosity and kindness is all around if we look and ask for it.

The rather wonderful Anna from Joyful Nature emailed to offer us all a free:

‘5 mins meditation to help the listener feel more grounded and centred (especially helpful if they are feeling anxious, scattered, or disconnected)’ 

If you would like to find out more about Joyful Nature and what they can offer then take a look at their very calming website. The 5 Minute Meditation will be available as a YouTube link as soon as possible, and I will let everyone know once it’s up. Thank you Anna for your thoughtful generosity towards self care x


The cute image is by Fiona Taylor x

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