Schools Update!

Some of you will know that I believe very strongly that we need to educate and inspire CHILDREN to take better care of the planet and all it’s  inhabitants than previous generations have. Last year I wrote a school assembly called ’20 Ways for Kids to Save the World’.


I’m so delighted to say that it’s now available on line as a Powerpoint Presentation and a super cool handout via our friends at Mrs Mactivity.  Their designers have taken the content and made it into a really eye-catching and fun package that the children are responding very positively to.

I still plan to deliver the assembly myself locally, but this means that teachers and other people working with children who are already subscribed to the Mrs M service can do it all themselves.

Our first assembly went brilliantly and was delivered to St John’s Primary School in Nottinghamshire, it was kindly sponsored by White Spring Bamboo Straws so each child and all the teachers were able to take home a reusable straw – number one on our list!

It was truly inspiring to be in a room full of young children and hear their ideas for things we can do better, I hope the messages were taken home and a few changes will be made in a happy and positive way. I have another, longer, talk for adults with ’50 Ways to Save the World’ and that is also going down well.

We really can pull together and make change, small consistent adaptations that are easy and do-able will have an impact if enough people get on board.


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