Review of Vintage Apple Crates

We have been sent a Vintage Apple Crate and asked for an honest review. Here’s what we thought… 

We are always keen to work with and use products that have been recycled, upcycled and saved from landfill.

How exciting to come across this company Vintage Apple Crates – who save wooden crates from the orchards and rebrand them with fun ideas or make completely new products, before selling them on to people like us! The crates were used by the apple industry but they have now moved to plastic containers. The wood is still perfectly good, and the crates are still so strong and solid it was frustrating that they were being discarded – but now you can use them for all sorts of things.

Mr Frugal grabbed it originally as he has safety wear from work that is usually dumped on the floor, but then gets kicked around by the marauding kids.

Lately we’ve been using it for all our muddy boots (as suggested on the crate itself!) as they are best contained after a walk in the woods. I suspect we will use it for different things in different seasons as it’s really very versatile.

A crate would also make a great storage for:

* Tools, empty pots or toys in the garden
* Sweeping brushes and dustpan in the kitchen
* Dog toys and stuff under the stairs
* School bags and PE Kits by the door
* Visitors shoes so the dog doesn’t eat them…
* In the downstairs loo for spare towels and toilet rolls

The crate is quite heavy, and although we have moved it around quite a lot it’s something best found a ‘home for’ and left there. The wood is quite rough, and it has a rustic and old feel. It’s been a talking point and admired by lots of people. I love knowing the history of its use, and that it’s been saved to have a second useful life. I imagine it will live forever if looked after. I probably wouldn’t leave it outside all Winter, but it would fit well in a shed.

We have reviewed the Garden Tools Storage Box, but the company take wood from all over Europe and create a wide range of new items.

I’ve never met a family yet that can’t find a use for good storage!

Claire Lyons Frugal Family

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