Review of Mae Jemison Box

I was so excited to be offered the chance to look at an Ingenues box with my daughter – we chose the Astronaut Box to review as she is very into space and science at the moment. The box is delivered with everything to you need to learn and play and our 8 year old really enjoyed it. Also available are Flight and Civil Engineering. 

The contents were high quality and the box itself was sturdy and reusable, which meant we could go in and out many times without it breaking. The book was informative and interesting, I had never heard of Mae Jemison (an astonishing woman) and enjoyed learning about her life. There were activities and games in the book, which we didn’t get to as quickly because we saw the bits and bobs to make a rocket experiment…

There is also an astronaut hat to wear while creating the rocket! (please excuse unplanned video background ‘life’)

Our rocket experiments really did make us think, plan and create. It was a brilliant exercise in teamwork and engineering – and Mr F had to get involved as he is an Engineer and wanted to explain things.

I was very impressed by the quality of the box, the range of activities and the thought that had gone into them. I really enjoyed working alongside my daughter to figure things out – about why the different shaped balloons and adding the ‘space shuttle’ made a difference. I learnt a lot myself about an amazing woman and felt it inspired my daughter to know that if she remains interested in science and engineering she has some great role models to follow. She has asked for another box to go on her Christmas list x

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