Review of Hopster App for Kids

This post has been sponsored by Hopster and written by Mrs F x

We were offered the chance to have a play with the Hopster App on a Kindle Fire (it’s not been on there before, just on the App Store…), as we have one and don’t really use Apps very often and had the long holidays looming I thought we could give it a try. The age range it’s aimed at is 2-6 which covers are two youngest children so it seemed pretty perfect timing!

The App was easy to download via the Kindle, I decided to put it onto my very old one which I use for reading. The girls don’t have their own devices and I wanted them to have to ask to use it so I knew what they were up to! There are no other apps on there so it’s easy for them to find and access on their own. The downloading process was simple and quick, and I really love the cute graphics and characters.

My 2 year old got the first crack at it all while her sister was busy (she soon came over when she heard the music) – and with the help of her even bigger sister she started playing the Monster Match game – matching shapes to their shadows.

What I liked about Hopster was the the wide choice of things to do in one app, and it was all totally perfect for the age range which allowed the girls lots of independence (and Mummy got to make a cup of tea…)

  • Games
  • Books
  • Music
  • Art
  • Around the World
  • TV Shows

I also really liked that everything is linked to the Early Years learning objectives, so there is a lot going on ‘in the background’ that the children are unaware of, but as a parent you know it’s great learning and reinforcement of key skills. There are no ads on Hopster, but when we downloaded it, it said there are in app purchases – we’ve not come across any yet – so you do need to be aware of that.

So far I can’t find any downsides except there is so much to do I felt they could play all day on it so have initiated them to the family rules on electronics! There are of course lots of free things online but I do get tired of all the pop ups and how limited the games etc are, with Hopster there is a lot in just one app so you don’t need to have 50 downloaded taking up space! There are discounts if you pay for longer periods of time, the highest cost is £4.99 per month.

If you would like to try the Hopster App free for one month, you can sign up here. This should be just long enough to manage the bulk of the Summer school holiday, we found it really useful for long car journeys…



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If you are thinking of getting a Kindle Fire, I think they are much better value than a tablet – at just £49.99 (usually less with some special offers) you can have Apps, Games, Books, Internet and Movies etc – the Fire For Kids starts at just £1.99 per month and they can use it safely with a huge range of restrictions that you can add e.g. only being able to access games when they have read a book or you can set it to shut down at certain times of day or after a certain amount of usage. They are the Christmas present after a great deal for We’ve been really impressed with them.

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