Review of Edu Prints Plus

We were offered a choice of any four prints for the kids from an upcoming new company Edu Prints Plus, to review and share. We love inspirational quotes, so we jumped at the chance x

The prints were easy to chose from a very wide selection, I was keen to look at the inspirational quotes for kids as it was something we had thought of adding to their rooms already – but the website also offers Times Table posters and Vocabulary posters. There is an offer currently to get  free 5th poster if you order 4. They aren’t a cheap option, but the quality of the card and printing was excellent and we have put ours up with tack and no need for a frame. There are options to have framed prints if that’s what you would prefer but our kids seem to change their room layouts quite often, so an easily moveable choice made sense for us.

I found it hard to select the ‘best’ four quotes for our children, the ideas on offer were all really nice and thoughtful quotes for children – they are short, punchy and memorable. We considered the colours, messages and of course our children’s character. I could easily have chosen a different four and been just as happy!

They have already had an effect on the household, and I hear the kids quoting their posters to each other. On the school run yesterday my daughter said she was going to “dream big and be kind today”; how awesome is that?  The ideas we surround ourselves with can have a real impact on how we feel about the world and about ourselves. Our environment plays a big part in our emotional lives as well as our physical development and I think using posters or other attractive ways to send children positive messages is an excellent idea.

Take a look at the posters on offer and feel inspired x


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