Reuse and Recycle

Just to prove I’m not the only person banging on about reusing mugs, or using recycled products, here is The Guardian showcasing the argument for coffee shops (you know who I mean…) being more green. However, we can all make an individual difference too, but recycling our cups or taking our own – and yes, this is going to be another photo of my own re-using mug as I love it sooooo much.

Pay attention coffee shop types…


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2 Comments on “Reuse and Recycle”

  1. I like to be mysterious! At least you consider reusing your cup, the article was showing how astonishing high a number of perfectly recyclable cups end up in the bin… I use Miss Sunshine a lot, she was a birthday present and has been brilliant. On a good morning I make a cup of tea to drink while wrestling with the morning routine, and one in Miss S for when I get back from the Great Drop Off. I suppose I’ve created new habits to try and avoid the over-consumption bit…

  2. Hi! I followed a few links to discover more about you, though I couldn’t figure out what part of the world you’re in. Where I’m living currently, in Southern England, there’s a grocery store called Waitrose that offer a free coffee when you do your shop. They offer those re-usable mugs, and I find it’s really great when companies get involved like that. I tend to forget my cardboard one (that I bring home and wash then bring back—or try to—next time I go), so I’m worried that buying a reusable one would just end up being over-consumption. One day though… In the mean time, let me just say I positively *adore* your Little Miss Sunshine one!

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