This is the Plan It, Love It, Do It! Members Area – Great to see you..

Here we have exclusive resources, and information for your consideration before it goes live on the main site… I really want this to be a real community, so will be asking for your input and ideas; in fact the name of this group was voted on by one of our Facebook Groups (which you are welcome to join…)

Spend Less, Use Less, Do More! 

Free & Frugal Fun for Kids


Please do go and join the Facebook Group just for our membership – it’s where the monthly planning meetings will take place via a LIVE from Claire, and where you can ask questions etc. 

There will also be all the free resources stored there as well in case you ever have problems accessing here x



You will need to start thinking about a budget, this isn’t the easiest bit of being frugal… but it is important to have an idea of what goes in and out each month. This is just an example, you can look online for interactive spreadsheets, beautiful coloured sheets or use the back on an envelope. Budget Sheet

We have agreed some exclusive discounts for our members with a range of really awesome small or ethical businesses, some of the discounts are a ‘one off’ on first orders, and some are forever! Discount Directory

NEW DISCOUNT – Hispley Green are offering our members FREE P&P on all orders, use the code FrugalP&P.

I’m really grateful to these lovely businesses for sharing the love, and I hope that by supporting them with sales the circle goes around x



Another benefit of membership is that you can access our home grown items from the Shop for FREE. If you are able to leave a review too that would be so helpful…

The shop wasn’t our first priority, so it’s the thing we are building currently.

I will add new codes here and in the Plan It Facebook Group as they are ‘born’.



Meal Planning and Sourcing Your Food – £25.00 Use Code MPSFFREE


One of the things I will talk about all the time is planning ahead, this can save money as well as feeling more in control. I will also hold a live planning/suggestions ‘meeting’ in the FB Group each month – you are welcome to join live and comment with questions etc. I will also check for questions daily x Daily Planner 

You may also want to set a challenge e.g.  a No Spend Month and this is a nice ‘tick chart’ if you do. 2018 Monthly Calendar